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Benjamin Waterhouse

Below are primary source references to and by Benjamin Waterhouse, compiled by Monticello researchers.

Primary Source References

1800 December 1. (Benjamin Waterhouse to Jefferson). "Having long regarded Mr. Jefferson as one of our most distinguished patriots & philosophers, I conceived that a work which had for it's end the good of the community,, would not be unexceptable to him.- Under that impression I have here sent him 'A prospect of Exterminating the small-pox'..."1

1800 December 25. (Jefferson to Benjamin Waterhouse). "I received last night, and read with great satisfaction your pamphlet on the subject of the kine-pox...I had before attended to your publications on the subject in the newspapers, and too much interest in the result of the experiments you were making..."2

1801 July 16. (Jefferson to Martha Jefferson Randolph). "I this day inclose to Dr. Wardlaw some publications on the kine pox, with a request to make himself acquainted with them...I am promised by Dr. Waterhouse of Boston successive weekly supplies till it takes."3

Further Sources


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