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Drury Wood

Drury Wood (d.1841) was a businessman and landowner in Albemarle County.1 His home, Park Hill, was just north of Charlottesville, near Stony Point. Wood was one of the initial subscribers to the Central College (which would later become the University of Virginia), pledging $100 to fund the new institution.2  Although no correspondence between Wood and Thomas Jefferson survives, there are a number of references in Jefferson's accounts to purchases of food staples from Wood. 

Primary Source References

1798 August 6. "Pd. Page for Drury Wood for 8 barr. corn 24.D."3

1810 August 6. "Pd...Drury Wood for 100. bush. oats 50..."4

1815. "Corn bought for 1815...Drury Wood 28. [barrels] 18/84.[D]...Oats. Drury Wood 180 [bushels @] 2/ 60. [D]..."5

1815 June 18. "Pd. E.Bacon for Drury Wood for corn 144.D."6

1817 May 8. "Drew on Valentine W. Southall in favor of Drury Wood for 515.D. to wit 50.B. corn @ 6. D. 300.D. 258. b. oats 215.D."7

1819 July 11. "Gave my note to Drury Wood for 144.D. payble Aug. 15 for corn."8

1820 July 14. "Note Th:J.R. paid my note of 144.D. to Drury Wood with interest which place to acct. ante Mar. 23."9

1822 August 5. "Gave Drury Wood ord. on Raphael for 6.67 for 20. Bar. corn."10


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