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Matthew Maury

Matthew Maury was the son of James Maury, Thomas Jefferson's teacher. He followed in his father's footsteps by becoming an Episcopal minister and a schoolteacher. Upon his father's death, Matthew succeeded him as head of the Fredericksville parish church. He married Elizabeth Walker and had nine children.

From childhood, Maury and Jefferson were friends. As early as 1769, when Maury left for London to seek ordination, Jefferson gave him a list of books and three Portuguese half Johannes, two gold German ducats, and a silver coffeepot, weighing twenty-two ounces.1 He officiated at the wedding of Jefferson's daughter Martha to Thomas Mann Randolph in 1790, and taught Jefferson's nephew Dabney Carr.2

- Douglas Evans, "Jefferson's Neighbors," Monticello Intern Report, 1995

Primary Source References

1782 June 29. "Subscribed 500 lb. tobo. or £5 to Mr. M. Maury annually to preach at Charlsvlle."3

1790 January 11. "Sent by do. to Mr. Maury £6-5 for his first quarter."4

1790 February 23. "Pd. Mr. Maury marriage fee £4-16."5

1792 November 4. "Inclosed Revd. Matthew Maury do. on do. 166.67."6

1795 May 4. "Pd. Revd. M. Maury on account of my subscription for 1793."7

1797 December 5. "Left with Mr. Davidson for Mr. Maury ...."8

1799 April 1. "Pd. Mr. Maury last year's subscription 15.D."9

1800 November 24. "Drew ord. on D. Higginbotham in favr. Revd. M. Maury for 15.D. last year's subscription."10

1802 April 16. (Martha Jefferson Randolph to Jefferson). "Jefferson is reading latin with his Papa but I am seriously uneasy at his not going to school, Mr Murray with whom we proposed putting him has his number complete and will not I fear take another."11

1804 April 25. "Inclosed to Mr. Maury 16.D. for attendance at funeral."12

Jefferson-Maury Correspondence

1790 January 8. Jefferson to Matthew Maury.13

1791 October 10. Jefferson to Matthew Maury.14

1791 October 25. Jefferson to Matthew Maury.15

1792 November 4. Jefferson to Matthew Maury.16

1804 July 20. Jefferson to James Maury.17

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