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Monticello's Online Resources

These projects are underway at the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, and they represent the most up to date scholarship available.  In all cases these projects are on-going, and both the data and its public presentation are subject to expansion and enhancement over time.  Please stay tuned!  More detailed information about each project is available upon request.

Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery (DAACS)  
A database that contains a wide array of information from multiple archaeological sites where enslaved Africans and their descendants once lived and worked.  DAACS also provides background information on documentary evidence and previous archaeological fieldwork and interpretation for each site.

Retirement Series Digital Archive
Search or browse transcriptions of Jefferson family letters; Jefferson quotations; and documents relating to the death of Jefferson, early life at the University of Virginia, and the Jefferson family during the Civil War. 

Getting Word
The website of the Getting Word Oral History Project, which collects the stories of Monticello's enslaved African-American community and their descendants.  Find information on slavery at Monticello as well as individuals' lives.

In Bloom Database
Find images and information for plants in bloom at a given time of year at Monticello.

Monticello Explorer
A virtual tour of Monticello with images and information on objects and furnishings in the house, architectural details, and landscape features.

Monticello Classroom
A resource for students, parents and teachers, this site includes fact sheets for all reading levels, images, lesson plans, activities and more.


Online Publications

Monticello Archaeology Reports
Presentations including technical data and interpretive text on many aspects of the scientific exploration of Monticello Plantation.

Monticello Newsletter
Monticello's semi-annual newsletter contains news about Foundation events as well as scholarly articles.  Issues from Winter 2000 through the present are available to download as PDF files.

Articles from this annual publication of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants are available online as PDF files covering many aspects of Jefferson's interests in botany and agronomy.

Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series - Cumulative Index
An up-to-date online version of all volumes as they are published.  The PTJ:RS are edited by Monticello staff, and as of August 2008 cover March 1809 through April 1812.

Plantation Database
A repository of data and details on all known enslaved individuals at Thomas Jefferson's plantations.  Find vital statistics for people as well as answers to frequently-asked questions.

Podcasts and Streaming Media
Experience and download selected lectures and interviews on a wide variety of topics related to Jefferson and Monticello delivered by scholarly experts.

Thomas Jefferson Digital Library
A repository of images derived from dozens of collections throughout the TJ Foundation providing information on every aspect of Jefferson's activities, interests, and influences.

Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia
An online compendium of the Foundation's accumulated research on Jefferson and his world.  Answers many frequently-asked questions.

Thomas Jefferson Portal
The Jefferson Library's online catalog.  Find books, articles, research reports, audiovisuals, and web/digital resources; includes citations for items held in libraries worldwide.

Thomas Jefferson's Libraries
A compendium of the titles known to have been owned by Jefferson at all periods of his life, including information about where and when he acquired and his opinions of authors' works.


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