Technical Reports

  • North Slope and Plank Kiln     First, excavations in 2015 and 2016 designed to mitigate the adverse effects of impending infrastructure construction to service the restrooms and a gift shop to be installed in the North Wing of Jefferson's mansion. Second, the 2015 unanticipated mitigation of utility line construction impacting Jefferson's 1799 Plank Kiln.
  • North Wing     Excavations from 1937-1938 and 2014-2015 under the North Wing at Monticello. The North Wing was constructed during the first decade of the nineteenth century and was in use by 1809. Jefferson housed vehicles and a few horses here.
  • South Pavilion and South Wing     New insights into the implementation of Jefferson's visions for the Monticello landscape and the construction history of Monticello's South Pavilion Kitchen and South Wing. Covers 1941 and 2016-2017 excavations that revealed architectural features associated with Monticello's first kitchen and the later construction of the South Wing.
  • The Elizabeth Hemings Site.   Excavations in 1995 and 1996 at the site where Elizabeth Hemings, matriarch of Monticello's famous Hemings family, lived during the decade before her death in 1807.
  • Archaeology of Monticello's Corner Terraces, Garden Wall, and Kitchen Dependency.  The 1997 construction and restoration history of three components of the Monticello mountaintop.
  • Mulberry Row Reassessment: Building l.  Findings, based on new analytical techniques, about an important Mulberry Row site originally excavated in 1957, and again in the early 1980's.
  • Archaeology of Monticello's West Portico Steps.  The 1999 construction and restoration history of the famous steps shown on the U.S. nickel.
  • Monticello's Park Cemetery. Research on an African-American burial ground on the Monticello Plantation (dated 2003).

 Scientific Posters