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Pelargonium fulgidum hybrid - Scarlet Unique Geranium

Scientific Name: Pelargonium fulgidum hybrid (P. x ignescens)

Common Name: Scarlet Unique Geranium

Description: Tender perennial, grown as houseplant; brilliant vermilion-red flowers with a black center; soft green, aromatic foliage

Size: Grows upright into a 2 to 3 foot open and spreading plant

Cultural Information: Prefers full sun and rich, somewhat heavy, well-drained soil; easily propagated from cuttings in late winter or early spring of plants carried over indoors

USDA Zones: 10 and above

Historical Notes: This species was imported from southern and western Africa into Britain by 1723. Philadelphia nurseryman Bernard McMahon included the species, as "Celandine-leaved Geranium," in the list of greenhouse plants in his 1806 The American Gardener's Calendar.1 The variety — Scarlet Unique or Old Scarlet Unique — is a hybrid of garden origin documented in cultivation by 1812.

- Peggy Cornett, n.d.

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