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Reuben Lindsay

Reuben Lindsay (1747-1831) was a planter and an Albemarle County neighbor of Thomas Jefferson.1 Lindsay came to Albemarle from Westmoreland County around 1776, when he purchased from John Clark 750 acres on the east side of the South West Mountain. By 1796, his "Springfield Farm" consisted of more than 2000 acres; in 1806, he owned 28 slaves, 15 horses, a "stage wagon," and "1 riding carriage."

During the American Revolution, Lindsay was an Albemarle County militia officer. In his capacity as Governor of Virginia, Jefferson favored Lindsay's appointment as county lieutenant, describing him as "a man of as much worth as any in the county."2 Lindsay, however, declined the commission.3 

By the end of the Revolution, Lindsay was a county magistrate and he frequently sat on the county bench. He was married twice, first to Sarah Walker (b. 1758), and then to Maria Tidwell, with whom he had three daughters — Sarah, Elizabeth, and Maria.4 Lindsay lived in Albemarle until his death in 1831.

The primary source references provided below indicate that Reuben Lindsay's name appeared regularly in Thomas Jefferson's memorandum books from 1772 until 1823.

- Douglas Evans, 1995.  Originally published in Evans, "Jefferson's Neighbors," Monticello Intern Report, Thomas Jefferson Memorial Foundation, 1995.

Primary Source References

1772 August 4. (Legal notation). "Cuningham & co. v. Simpson. Credit def. by Reub. Lindsay's assumpsit 32.9."5

1773 May 5. "Bot. of Reuben Lindsay 5758 lb. tobo. @ 18/ which comes to £51-16-6."6

1773 August 31. "Sent (by Jupiter) to William Moreton being to pay part of the money due to Reuben Lindsay for tobo. purchased ante May 5. £15."7

1773 October 5. "Inclosed to Reuben Lindsay for Wm. Dalton £37-8-2 1/4."8

1773 December 3. "Pd. Reuben Lindsay for Nichs. Lewis £30."9

1776 March 11. "Balance due from me to Andrew Defoe 15/3 which I am to pay Reuben Lindsay."10

1777 June 12. "Pd. Reuben Lindsay £7-12-6."11

1778 March 12. "Pd. Reub. Lindsay towds. bringg. up gazette next year 30/."12

1797 August 7. "Recd. from Reuben Lindsay 40.D. to pay for 2. stoves I ordered for him from Joseph Roberts Philadelphia." 13

1798 February 19. "Gave Joseph Roberts order on J. Barnes for 73.40. Note 36.D. of this are for 2 stoves Reuben Lindsay. See ante Aug. 7."14

1799 January 8. "Gave Duane for Mrs. Bache ord. on J. Barnes for papers viz. for ... Reuben Lindsay 5."15

1799 March 31. "Recd. of Reuben Lindsay the 5.D. ante Jan. 8."16

1800 April 4. "Gave Wm. Duane ord. on J. Barnes for 25.D. to wit ... Reuben Lindsay 5. for his paper through the year 1800."17

1800 July 7. "Recd. of Reuben Lindsay the 5.D. ante Apr. 4. pd. to Duane."18

1802 April 2. "Gave ord. on J. Barnes in favr. Duane for 5.D. for 5.D. for Reuben Lindsay for Aurora from Jan. 1. 1802. to Jan. 1. 1803."19

1805 April 15. "Colo. Lindsay's vales 1.D."20

1808 April 14. (Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge to Jefferson). "Mr. Mrs. and the two Miss Lindsays spent a few days with us [at Edgehill]; the young ladies, Sister Ann, and myself, went over to Monticello ...."21

1809 September 24. "Pd. for finding papers at Mr. Lindsay's 1.D."22

1809 September 25. "Vales at do. 1.25.D."23

1810 August 14. "Mr. Lindsay's vales .50."24

1813 September 27. "Colo. Lindsay's vales .50."25

1815 August 13. "Colo. Lindsay's vales .50-Ellen Randolph 1.D."26

1815 August 13. (Jefferson to Martha Jefferson Randolph). "We have had a safe journey [to Montpelier], shall return to Mr. Lindsay's tomorrow night and shall be at home to dinner on Tuesday."27

1816 August 11. "Colo. Lindsay's do. [vales] .50."28

1817 July 29. "Colo. Lindsay's do. [vales] 1."29

1819 February 27. "Colo. Lindsay's do. [vales] 1.D."30

1823 October 14. "Mr. Lindsay vales .50."31

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