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Rheum rhabarbarum - Rhubarb

Scientific Name: Rheum undulatum, Rheum rhaponticum, Rheum rhababarum, Rheum officinale

Common Name: Rhubarb

Primary Source References

1809 April 13. "Apr. 13. planted 32. seeds of the Mimosa Julibritzin ... in square II. beginning with the S.W. row sowed 1. row of rheum undulatum, esculent rhubarb. the leaves excellent as Spinach."1

1811. "Rhubarb esculent" is listed in the items that were planted in 1811.2

1825 December 21. (Robley Dunglison to Jefferson). "... six grains of Rhubarb with fifteen of Magnesia, every other night, in a little milk .... "3

Further Sources


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