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Stephen Willis

Stephen Willis was a brick mason who arrived at Monticello around 1770 to help build the South Pavilion, and stayed on to work through 1778. He returned to work at Monticello again for a brief period in 1796-1797.

Primary Source References

1768 August 25. "Edward Lee (Albemarle) and John Moore (      ) v. Stephen Willis (Hanover). To bring a suit for bricklayer's work done for the def. See the account, amounting to £12-11-11."1

1768 September 7. " ... also to issue writ in Lee v. Willis."2

1769 April 15. "Lee v. Willis. Inclosed Al. Cap. to sher. of Hanover."3

1769 June 12. "Lee v. Willis. Took Pl. cap."4

1769 June 16. "Lee v. Willis. Delivd. writ to Tompkins sher. of Hanover."5

1770 March 9. "Lee v. Willis. Attamt. Inclosed to sher. of Hanover."6

1770 October 2. "Assumd. to Jno. Moore for Steph. Willis £2-10s-7d … Pd. Stephen Willis £30."7

1770 December 1. "Gave R. Sorrels on acct. of Steph. Willis an order on R. Harvie or Peter Harvie for goods to amt. of £4."8

1771 August 4. "Stephen Willis and Richd. Taylor came up to work."9

1771 September 11. "Stephen Willis sais it takes 15 bushels lime to 1000 bricks."10

1771 November 6. "Pd. John Lewis on acct. of Stephen Willis £20. … Accepted Stephen Willis's ord. in favr. of Thos. Underwood who assigned to R. Adams £20."11

1771 November 19. "Accepted the followg. ord. of T. Warren to be charged to Stephen Willis by his order ...."12

1771 December 19. "Pd. W. Johnston residue of S. Willis's order 3 3/4 d."13

1771 December 21. "Stephen Willis sais it takes 15. bushels of lime to 1000. bricks. Old Sharpe sais a bushel of limestone will weigh 114 lb and if well burned will make 2. bushels of lime."14

1772 April 7. "Assumd. to pay James Vaughan for Steph. Willis 35/10 1/2."15

1772 October 10. "<Assumd. to> Mr. Vaughan's acct. agt. Stephen Willis which I am to pay is £2-11-4 1/2."16

1772 December 21. "Stephen Willis directs me to get Mr. Harvie's acct. agt. him which answer, as also the sum of 7. or 8£ to Thomas Bates of Curles and pay the balce. to R. Adams."17

1773 May 4. "Pd. John Lewis on order of Stephen Willis £7."18

1773 August 24. "Having mislaid George Dudley’s agreemt. signed by himself sometime in the fall of 1772. I will here set it down as well as I can recollect it. ... pay him 14/ a hundred for his place bricks, and as much more for the stocks as Stephen Willis should adjudge and I was to advance him as much during his work as would buy him provns. to carry it on."19

1773 September 28. "Dr. Gilmer's accts. which I am to pay ... for Stephen Willis 0-4-6."20

1773 December 3. "Pd. for Dr. Gilmer the following sums, to wit ... for Stephen Willis 0-4-6."21

1774 June 2. "Agreed with Willm. Pond to make bricks for me this summer. He is to have 2/6 a thousand for making & burning the place bricks. The price of the stock bricks is to be fixt by Stephen Willis."22

1778 March 21. "Pd. Stephen Willis old balance £18-18."23

1778 July 23. "Two of Stephen Willis's people begin to work."24

1778 September 25. "Pd. Stephen Willis £14-8."25

1778 November 11. "Pd. Stephen Willis £115-13-3. Balance of £50-0-3 still due."26

1779 June 19. "Pd. Poindexter for Steph. Willis in full £51-12."27

1796 August 31. "Furnished Stephen Willis a pr. shoes 12/6. 11 1/4 yds. oznabrigs @ 1/10."28

1796 October 2. "Pd. Stephen Willis 9.D."29

1796 November 9. "Charge Steph. Willis a pr. shoes for Ned 8/6."30

1796 November 17. "Pd. Steph. Willis for John Steele 2.D."31

1796 November 30. "Settled with Stephen Willis as follows[:] Amount of debets £95-8 Sundry credits 11-9-9 1/2 gave him ord. on Lott 15- do. on C. Johnston 10-10 assumd. to John Shell 14-7-4 balce. still due St. Willis 44-0-101/2 [=] £95-8 Note the above includes the Work of St. Willis, Ned, & Shell ...."32

1796 December 18. "Drew on Charles Johnston in favr. Stephen Willis for £20."33

1797 May 2. "I now draw on him [Charles Johnston] ... for Stephen Willis 24-0-10 ... Note the draught in favor Willis pays him off the last part of the balance settled ante Nov. 30."34

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