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Unrelated Jeffersons

The following families share a surname with Thomas Jefferson, and often have an oral history of being related to him.  However, no evidence has been found of their connection.1

Jeffersons in Maryland

  • Benjamin Jefferson (d. 1788), Calvert or Montgomery County, Maryland, m. Ann Wood
    • Hamilton Jefferson (1769-1821) m. 1798 Judith Whiting; died Jefferson County.
      • Hamilton Jefferson (d. 1844) m. 1826 Ann Sophia Kountz in Frederick, Maryland
        • Frances Ann Jefferson (1830-1914) m. 1853 Philip H. Raiford.  Frances Ann Jefferson was born in Charles Town, West Virginia and claimed to be a great-grandniece of President Jefferson.
    • Leonard Jefferson (1778-1853) m. 1806 Barbara Nichols
      • John Jefferson (1821-1894) m. Harriet Gibson
      • Elizabeth Jefferson

Jeffersons in New England

  • Thomas Jepherson m. Susann Bullard
    • Joseph Jepherson (c1730-1769) m. Mehitable Cummings (1730-?) of Massachusetts
      • Joseph Jefferson (1751/9-1813) m. Ruth Emerson (1758-1845) of Rochester, Vermont
        • Joseph Jefferson (1783-1846) m. Clarissa Pettit; moved to Indiana in 1832, then to Des Plaines, Illinois
        • Luther Jefferson
        • Hiram Jefferson
        • Daniel Jefferson
        • [many other children]
      • Horace Jefferson (1795-1825)
      • 7 other children


  • Jeremiah Jefferson m. ?
    • Nancy Jefferson (1795-?) m. Bazil Bachelor; Nancy born in Rutland County, Vermont


Other Jeffersons

  • John Jefferson m. Lucy Andrews (John was a Revolutionary War veteran, born Sumter County, South Carolina, still alive in 1803)
    • Elizabeth Jefferson (1799-1872), lived in Sumter County, South Carolina, m. Charnick Tharp


  • John Jefferson (1769-1831) m. ca. 1792 Elizabeth Zimmerman (1765-1850); they moved ca. 1809 from Alexandria to Ohio County (now Moundsville), West Virginia.  Family has strong tradition of descent from Field Jefferson.
    • James Jefferson (1793-1874) m. Jerniah Freeland


  • Robert Jefferson (1783-1875) m. Sarah Harris of Boston; Robert was born in Virginia, later moved to Nova Scotia, and died in Boston; had a brother named Thomas


  • Henry Jefferson (d. ca. 1828) m. Catherine Welch, Fauquier County, Virginia; moved to Garrard County, Kentucky, then to Boone County, Missouri, then to Yoncalla, Oregon
    • Children born 1806-1817: Judith Margaret, Nancy, Catherin, Thomas
    • William Wadsworth Jefferson (1814-1899)
    • James Jefferson
    • Mason Jefferson


  • Henry Jefferson m. Elizabeth Busby


  • Captain Jefferson - sea captain in Pacific Northwest in 1825, lived with Native Americans


  • Sarah "Sally" Jefferson (ca. 1808-?) m. [William?] Vernon


  • Frances Jefferson (ca. 1835- ), born in Virginia or Georgia, m. Jesse Milner


  • Mary Frances Jefferson m. ca. 1825-1835 William A. Clay


  • Kitty Ann Jefferson (1859-1921) m. H. S. Norton; Kitty Ann Jefferson's father buried in Palmyra, Missouri, mother in Old Alexandria, Lincoln County, Missouri.


  • Campbell Jefferson (1806-?) m. Elizabeth Oliver


  • Thomas Jefferson (ca. 1821-?), born in North Carolina, worked as a cooper

- compiled by Cinder Stanton, 7/2000; updated 9/30/15, 12/9/15





  • 1. Information in this list was provided by various descendants, and is believed to be accurate, but has not been independently confirmed by us.


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