Frederick Hatch was an Episcopal minister in Charlottesville, Virginia. He gave services in the county courthouse until an Episcopal church was built in 1824. Hatch ran a school that Thomas Jefferson's grandsons, Benjamin Franklin RandolphMeriwether Lewis Randolph, and James Madison Randolph attended. Jefferson himself donated money for a house for Mr. Hatch.[1] Martha Jefferson Randolph reportedly went to Hatch's services.[2]

Frederick Hatch presided over Thomas Jefferson's funeral service.Anchor

Primary Source References

1820 February 20. "I subscribe 20.D. a year to the Revd. Mr. Hatch."[3]

1820 October 24. "Gave Alexr. Garrett ord. on I. Raphael for 20.D. my sbscrptn. Mr. Hatch."[4]

1821 March 13. "Entered Ben and Lewis with Mr. Hatch and gave him an order on B. Peyton for 50.D. being half a year's tuition fees."[5]

1821 October 2. "Gave ord. on Wolfe & Raphael for 20.D. favr. A. Garrett for my subscription to Mr. Hatch for the current year."[6]

1821 December 8. "Inclosed to Revd. Mr. Hatch 20.D. as an Aid in building his house."[7]

1823 February 4. "James, Ben & Lewis enter & begin with Mr. Hatch @ 50.D. a year each."[8]

1823 February 13. "Drew on Jacobs & Raphael in favor of ... Revd. Mr. Hatch 100.D."[9]

1823 March 21. "Mar. statements of debts ... Hatch 75. Aug. 4."[10]

1823 October 10. "Pd. F. Hatch half year's tuition of James, Ben & Lewis 75.D."[11]

1824 February 12. "Gave Mr. Hatch order on Raphael for 20.D. annual sbscrptn."[12]

1824 October 29. "Drew on Jacobs & Raphael ... in favr. Mr. Hatch 60.D. for 3. tuitions due (as he states) June 19. 24."[13]

1825 January 27. "Drew on Jacobs & Raphael in favor of Mr. Hatch for 60.D. This is for tuition of Jas. B. & L. Randolph to Dec. 31."[14]

1825 March 16. "Drew on Raphael in favr. Mr. Hatch 20.D. my sbscription. to Feb. 25. 25."[15]

1825 July 6. "Drew on Raphael in favr. Mr. Hatch for 40 D. last half year's tuition of Ben & Lewis."[16]

1827 January 5. (Joseph Coolidge to Nicholas Philip Trist). "Mother is quite spoiled by the Boston preaching, and dreads the necessity of listening to Mr Hatch after Greenwood, & Ware, & Channing!"[17]

- References compiled by Lucia Stanton, 4/95

Jefferson-Hatch Correspondence


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