"The Art of Citizenship" is a digital resource that explores the modern-day relevance of Thomas Jefferson's ideas about the American experiment in self-government. This project illustrates the enduring challenges and opportunities faced by every generation of Americans and offers a springboard for discussion about civic engagement in a democratic society.

We’ve gathered stories from across the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, the organization that operates Monticello, in the form of videos, biographies, podcasts, and more to create a hub of civics content. This project shares Jefferson's thinking; it shares stories of triumph and tragedy in the pursuit of equality among those enslaved at Monticello and their descendants; and it reveals how Jefferson's writings inspired future generations to advance his ideals. This initiative links the past to the present by examining the debates -- over education, religion, equality, immigration, voting, partisanship, the press, wealth, debt, and compromises -- that began in 1776 and continue to the modern day.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes into civics or ready for a deep dive, explore, get inspired, and then take the next steps in your own sphere. The United States is a work in progress, continuing to build on the foundation laid in 1776, and you can be a part of helping us to live up to the promise of “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”



A Civic Engagement Initiative sponsored by and in collaboration with The New York Community Trust - The Peter G. Peterson Fund


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