Brown Colbert

Colbert and his wife took the drastic measure to ensure freedom for themselves and two of their children by immigrating to Liberia in 1833. 

James Dinsmore

House joiner, James Dinsmore was an Irish immigrant who was responsible for most of the elegant woodwork in the Monticello house.

Albert Gallatin

A fight over federal fiscal and monetary policy was at the center of politics in the early American republic. Jefferson’s champion in that fight was Swiss immigrant Albert Gallatin.

Philip Mazzei

Thomas Jefferson's neighbor, Italian immigrant Philip Mazzei, came to Virginia in 1773. He shared Jefferson's interests in human liberty and horticulture.  

Alexander Hamilton

America's first Secretary of the Treasury was born on the Caribbean island of Nevis before immigrating to New York. Throughout his prominent political career, he was often at odds with Thomas Jefferson.

Hessian Soldiers

Thomas Jefferson drafted the Resolution of August 14, 1776, stating that Hessians who deserted from the British army would be given citizenship and land; the resolution was translated and spread through Hessian camps. Read here about one petition from a Hessian deserter.