Register to Vote

Find information on your state's voter registration so you can be part of the America's continuing experiment in self-government.

Virginia Civics

This group seeks to promote constitutional literacy, critical thinking, and civic engagement, to empower the next generation of leaders in Virginia.

Democratic Knowledge Project

This initiative seeks to combine high-quality civics curricula and teaching methods to support a citizenship who believe democracy is essential and feel confident in having the knowledge, capacities, and skills they need to participate.

Made By Us

For the first time ever, hundreds of history and civics organizations are coming together to build something bigger and better together: Made By Us, an initiative to inspire, inform and empower the next generation shaping our country’s future.

Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution

The Robert H. Smith Center for the Constitution provides world-class educational programming, both on-site and online. Participants come from all over the world to engage in civic dialogue, improve their understanding of the founding principles of the United States, and deepen their potential involvement in democracy.