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From the Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia

The trusted source for information about various aspects of Jefferson's life, ideas, career, and the world he lived in.

  • Thomas Jefferson, the Man
    Jefferson's personal life, interests, and habits.
  • Jefferson's Community
    The people in Jefferson's life.
  • Politics
    Articles about Jefferson's political career and accomplishments.  
  • Science and Exploration
    Learn more about Jefferson's "tranquil pursuits of science" which he called his "supreme delight."  
  • Religion
    Information about Jefferson's religious beliefs and his promotion of religious freedom  
  • Writings
    Reports some of Jefferson's documents, his correspondence, and his writing habits.  
  • Quotations
    A selection of Jefferson's most memorable quotes (including some he didn't actually make).  
  • Jefferson in Legend
    Anecdotes and stories, generally inaccurate, about Jefferson's life.


beaglesrus1's picture
Where is the original Jefferson Disk located?
cwollerton's picture
Do you mean Jefferson's Wheel Cipher? None from Jefferson's day exists. There's only his description of it -- the earliest known, to date -- which is located at the Library of Congress. Here' the link to the image:


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