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Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia

The trusted source for information on Jefferson and Monticello.

Jefferson Library

Monticello's research center on Thomas Jefferson, his life, his times, and his legacy.

Thomas Jefferson Portal

Search for books and articles in the Jefferson Library collection.

Thomas Jefferson's Libraries

A database of the books Jefferson owned, desired to own, knew about or recommended to others at different times in his life.

Retirement Series Digital Archive

An online companion to the Papers of Thomas Jefferson Retirement Series featuring a rich body of correspondence to and from Jefferson's children, grandchildren, and their families and a collection of over 500 Jefferson quotes.

Digital Archaeological Archive of Comparative Slavery

Learn how Monticello's archaeologists are using Internet technologies to foster comparative research and scholarly collaboration.


Plantation Database

A database of the over 600 individuals Jefferson owned during his lifetime with information names, relationships, occupations, locations, and other life events.

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What role besides selling his library did Jefferson have with the Library of Congress. Was it his idea, and if so where can it be found, that the copyright seekers had to present the Library of Congress with copies of their publications? Thank you

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