Tall rose bush with pink blossoms next to a partially covered, x-pattern trellis fenceTufton roses in bloom

Visit Monticello’s plant nursery, the Center for Historic Plants, set within our inspiring display gardens in their full spring glory with a special showing by the Center's roses. Shop for plants and ask our knowledgeable staff your gardening questions throughout the day, and join us at 11am to hear this year's guest speaker.

Guest Speaker

Heliamphora pitcher plant with large and small leavesHeliamphora pitcher plants

Robert (Rob) Sacilotto, owner of Botanique nursery in Stanardsville, will give a hands-on presentation at 11am.

Botanique nursery has specialized in carnivorous and unusual plants for over 41 years, including pitcher plants, Venus fly traps, sundews, orchids, and more. Pitcher plants take center stage at the nursery, with hundreds of unique varieties available only through their facility.

All of their plants are nursery propagated and growing instructions reflect years of experimentation and evaluation. Through research and horticultural analysis, Botanique has been widely recognized for their cultivation efforts and maintains the greatest variety of pitcher plants in the United States. 

Sales are credit card only

The Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants GPS Address: 1293 Tufton Farm, Charlottesville, VA 22902