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Castle Hill
(20 miles)
(c. 1764, 1824 addition built by Hon William Rives)
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Dr. Thomas Walker (b.1715-d.1794) Graduated from the College of William and Mary and was trained as a physician under Dr. George Gilmer, a graduate of the University of Edinburgh. Physician to Peter Jefferson, President Thomas Jefferson’s father. Guardian to TJ after his father’s death. Member of the Virginia House of Burgesses.
Wife Mildred Thornton Meriwether, Lucy’s Aunt
12 Children
Francis Walker, Lucy’s Cousin (b. 1764-d. 1806) Magistrate, member of the House of Delegates, U.S. Representative, Colonel of the 88th Regiment.
Wife Jane Byrd Nelson
2 Children
Judith Walker (b. 1802-d.1882) Wrote Tales and Souvenirs of a Residence in Europe by a Lady of Virginia in 1842, Epitome of the Holy Bible for the use of Children, in 1846 and Home and the World in 1852.
Husband Hon. William C. Rives (b. 1793 - d. 1868) Served in the Legislature, U.S. Senate and as Minister to France, was one of the most finished orators of his day.
1830 Tax List – 39 slaves

Eileen B. Malone-Brown