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Spring Hill
(1 mile)
(c 1785, brick addition 1814)
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Andrew Wallace (d.1785)
Wife Margaret Woods
8 Children
Clifton Rodes (b.1758) Magistrate, and Sheriff, 1783.
Wife, Sarah Waller
3 Children
1788 Sold the property to George Nicholas and moved to KY
George Nichols (d.1799) A colonel in the Revolutionary war, practiced law in Charlottesville; 1788 became a member of the house of delegates. Moved to KY in 1780.
Wife Mary Smith
Charles Harper (b. 1767/8 - d.1848) bought the property in 1814. His daughter, Lucy Sydnor Harper (b.1811) married Lucy’s grandson, Dr. Meriwether L. Anderson. Charles Harper and his wife lived with them at Locust Hill in his later years after Charles became blind. They are buried in the Locust Hill Graveyard.
First wife – Sarah Janney
2 Children
Second wife, Lucy Smithers
9 Children

Eileen B. Malone-Brown