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The Farm
(8 miles)
(c. 1770 brick house, a new house was built in 1825 by John Davis)
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Colonel Nicholas Meriwether II (b. 1667 – d. 1744) Lucy’s great-grandfather. The largest landholder in Albemarle County.
Wife Ann Crawford Lucy’s great-grandmother
9 Children
Nicholas Lewis (b. 1728 – d. 1808) Lucy’s first cousin and brother-in-law. Inherited the property from his grandfather – his mother Jane Meriwether married Col Robert Lewis – see Belvoir
“He was a public spirited man, a Captain in the Revolution, a magistrate, Surveyor and Sherriff of the county, possessed of a sound judgment and kindly spirit, appealed to on all occasions to compose the strifes of the neighborhood, the trusted friend of Mr. Jefferson, and the advisor of his family during his long absences from home.” (Woods, p. 252.)
Wife Mary Walker (b. 1742- d. 1824) Lucy’s first cousin, who married Col. Lewis in 1758. Mary was the eldest daughter of Dr. Thomas Walker of Castle Hill. “She was a splendid nurse who cared for both the wounded British and American soldiers in her home. A British officer who died became the first grave in the Lewis family cemetery.” Found on 16 Feb 2009 at
4 Children
In the 1820s it became the Samuel O. Minor boarding school for boys
John A.G. Davis (d.1840) Professor of Law at UVA, Chairman of the Faculty
Wife Mary Jane Terrell
5 Children

Eileen B. Malone-Brown