Lucian Truscott and Shannon Lanier pose in the Jefferson family cemetery (not part of Monticello). The family cemetery is owned by the descendants of Thomas Jefferson and his wife, Martha Wayles Skelton Jefferson.

In recognition of Presidents' Day and Black History Month, CBS This Morning aired a story about the connection between Thomas Jefferson's descendants through his wife, Martha, and his descendants through Sally Hemings.

The story looks at how the two branches of Jefferson's family have come to regard each other, how Sally Hemings and slavery are portrayed at Monticello, and the question of who can be buried in the Jefferson family cemetery, which is owned by the Monticello Assocation.*

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*The Monticello Association is a group of the lineal descendants of Thomas and Martha Jefferson and is a separate entity from the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, the nonprofit organization that has owned and operated Jefferson's home since 1923.