Conserving Monticello's Great Clock

Exciting news! Monticello recently received a grant from the Americana Foundation to preserve Jefferson’s Great Clock. Added April 27, 2020

Virginia Bluebells in bloom!

Monticello's Curator of Plants, Peggy Cornett, on one of the plants listed in Jefferson's earliest garden notations. Added April 20, 2020.

Shadwell, Birthplace of Thomas Jefferson

Have you ever wondered where our third president was born? Learn about his early life, as presented by Research Archaeologist Derek Wheeler. Added April 13, 2020.

Restoring Ariadne

With modern cleaning techniques at the ready, Monticello’s Curatorial department removed old layers of wax, cleaned the built-up dirt, and repaired Ariadne’s damaged hands, fingers, and toe.

Restoring Monticello's Compass Rose

Monticello’s Restoration Department works to restore the house's iconic compass rose, which has been showing the wind direction since Jefferson had it built and installed in 1807.

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