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PTJ:RS 5.0 has dropped!

Oh happy day: volume 5 of Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series has arrived.  This brings us up through March 1813 - only 13 years, 3 months, and 4 days to go!  (Er, plus the remaining seven years of his presidency.)

In this installment, TJ "receives many requests for governmental patronage, responds insightfully to a colorful assortment of authors and inventors, is mildly diverted by a fraudulent perpetual-motion machine, and spends considerable time on legal troubles...Jefferson remains accessible to the public, receives anonymous letters urging him to convert to Christianity, and settles a wager for one correspondent who asks if Jefferson ever met the British King."

If you are eager to have a copy of your very own, we of course are selling it, as are Amazon and most of the usual suspects; you can also use the ever-handy Open WorldCat to locate a library copy near you.  Our nine (nine!) library copies should be deploying to their intended homes any second now.


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Nine copies. Excellent! Oh, happy day when critically-edited editions of historically significant papers are available online and searchable across multiple collections. But, props to the papers people on this one. As usual. They do nice work.
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