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From the Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia

The trusted source for information about various aspects of Jefferson's life, ideas, career, and the world he lived in.

  • Thomas Jefferson, the Man
    Jefferson's personal life, interests, and habits.
  • Jefferson's Community
    The people in Jefferson's life.
  • Politics
    Articles about Jefferson's political career and accomplishments.  
  • Science and Exploration
    Learn more about Jefferson's "tranquil pursuits of science" which he called his "supreme delight."  
  • Slavery
    Articles about Jefferson and slavery and the enslaved community at Monticello.
  • Religion
    Information about Jefferson's religious beliefs and his promotion of religious freedom  
  • Writings
    Reports some of Jefferson's documents, his correspondence, and his writing habits.  
  • Quotations
    A selection of Jefferson's most memorable quotes (including some he didn't actually make).  
  • Jefferson in Legend
    Anecdotes and stories, generally inaccurate, about Jefferson's life.


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