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Academic Departments


The Department of Archaeology is dedicated to studying and preserving Monticello's archaeological record, and to deciphering its meaning through comparative research.


Monticello is home to a unique collection of artifacts, antique books, and works of art relating to every aspect of Jefferson's diverse interests as well as to the larger Monticello community.  

Gardens and Grounds

Dedicated to researching, collecting, cultivating, and distributing hundreds of plants that have either a direct connection to Jefferson and Monticello or to the historic gardens of North America.

Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies

ICJS's multidisciplinary approach is a hallmark of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation's dedication to advancing broadly the Jeffersonian legacy.

Jefferson Library

A gateway to information on Thomas Jefferson and his life, times, and legacy.

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series Research

The project is creating the definitive edition of Thomas Jefferson's letters and papers for the period from 1809 to 1826.



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