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Charles Lewis Bankhead

Charles Lewis Bankhead (1788–1833) was the son of Dr. John Bankhead of Caroline County and husband to Ann Cary Randolph, Thomas Jefferson's eldest granddaughter. Ann and Charles married on 19 September 1808 at Monticello[1] and resided at an 800-acre estate, Carlton, just west of there for most of their marriage. The Bankheads had four children who reached adulthood. Bankhead read law under Jefferson for several years but became an alcoholic and turned unsuccessfully to farming.

Primary Source References

1811 May 7. (Eliza Trist to Catherine Bache). "Bankhead has given up the scheme of going to Bedford and has made a purchase of the Farm adjoining Monticello that formerly belonged to Nich. Lewis he gave 16 Dollars an acre which I believe is six more than Browse was to have paid for it."[2]

1814 August 22. (Eliza Trist to Catharine Bache). "I heard too with great concern that Bankhead has turn'd out a great sot always frolicking and carousing at the Taverns in the Neighborhood..."[3]

1826. January 23. (Ellen Wayles Randolph Coolidge to Martha Jefferson Randolph). " mortifies me that he [Joseph Coolidge] should be baited by a drunken brute like Charles Bankhead..."[4]



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