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Harvest Tasting Tour

$15 Per Guest

*Requires a regular Monticello Day Pass

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Every Wednesday and Saturday, May 24 through October 29, 2017
10:30am & 12:30pm

A one-hour, in-depth exploration of Thomas Jefferson’s vegetable garden combined with a tasting to include seasonal vegetables, fruits, and edible products from the garden.

Requires a Day Pass!

The Harvest Tasting Tour requires the purchase of a regular Monticello Day Pass for each guest.

Scheduling a House and Harvest Tasting Tour

To ensure that there is no overlap between tours, please do not schedule a House Tour less than 1 hour and 10 minutes before or after your Harvest Tasting Tour.  There are two Harvest Tasting Tours per day at 10:30am and 12:30pm.  Tours of the House run frequently throughout the day. 

Included in the Harvest Tasting Tour:

Guided Tours

State of the Art Visitor Center

Access to

Guidelines for Monticello Harvest Tasting Tours »

Tour At A Glance:
Around 1 hour
Indoor & Outdoor
Not handicap-accessible


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