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Sea of Liberty
A new interactive, online tool for teaching the power of Thomas Jefferson’s ideas. This website allows teachers and students the opportunity to explore and create digital projects with documents, letters, and images related to ideas of liberty, freedom, and self-governance. Explore today!

Learn with Homer
A new, free iPad app to engage children, ages 3-7, in the story of America’s Founding Fathers.  Developed by  Monticello and Learn with Homer, an award-winning digital literacy platform, the app takes young children on a virtual field trip to Monticello, where they will learn about America’s 3rd President, his home, and his many accomplishments.

"Age of Jefferson" Massive Open Online Course
A free online, six-week course developed by the University of Virginia and Monticello and led by Peter Onuf, a leading scholar of Jefferson and the early American republic.  Participants will learn not only why Jefferson’s legacy is essential to understanding global history, but also why UNESCO has designated Monticello and the University of Virginia as a World Heritage Site. 

Monticello ExplorerA really cool virtual tour of the house with 3-D models, animations, and details on people, spaces, and places.

Exploring Monticello: A Guide for Young Learners

Download this guide and see Monticello through the eyes of Jefferson's granddaughter Cornelia.

A Day in the Life of Thomas Jefferson

Experience the range of Jefferson's interests through a typical twenty-four hours of his retirement at Monticello.  

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