Humulus lupulus - Hops

Humulus lupulus - Hops

Thomas Jefferson grew hops at Monticello for brewing, and also purchased them in fairly large quantities from others. The Memorandum Books record a handful of purchases by both Jefferson and his wife in the early 1770s, mostly from local slaves. [1] These were most likely used for brewing batches of "small beer." Jefferson also mentions hops in Notes on the State of Virginia, in Query VI, in a list of native esculent plants: "Wild hop - humulus lupulus". [2] Regarding his own culture of the plant, Jefferson first lists hops in his "Objects for the garden" in 1794. [3] In 1812, Jefferson began brewing [[Beer|beer]] at Monticello on a large scale, and that same year he lists hops in his garden calendar; [4] they also appear on his "agenda" for 1813 [5] Despite this, Jefferson continued to record purchases of hops from various other sources until 1820. [6]

Anna Berkes, 5/17/2010



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