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The Robert H. Smith ICJS is a multidisciplinary research center that oversees the work of several departments at Monticello and supports the ongoing international study of Thomas Jefferson and his world.

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Robert Forbes on his fellowship at Monticello



Where would I look for potential research openings for Archaeology?



We advertise all openings in the archaeology department here on the Monticello website: . Our most frequent openings are for experienced field technicians to help with specific survey and excavation projects. These positions typically last from two to four months. In addition to paid positions, we also have opportunities for interns and volunteers. If you are interested in exploring these possibilities, a good first step would be to email

Thanks for your interest in archaeology at Monticello!

Best, FDN


My colleagues and I - the staff of the Papers of Thomas Jefferson: Retirement Series - are part of the International Center for Jefferson Studies. The ICJS promotes and supports research and scholarship on Jefferson and his times and hosts lectures, conferences, and workshops, generally free and open to the public. The Thomas Jefferson Foundation and ICJS have welcomed visiting scholars from around the world, some who stay for a few weeks and others who are here for several months, which makes for a fun and intellectually stimulating place to work. Anyone pursuing a project of their own should definitely check out the fellowship opportunities.

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