Family Friendly Tours

Inspire young learners with a glimpse into life at Monticello and the many interests of Thomas Jefferson. Offered during Spring and Summer Breaks and other seasonal dates.

Drafting the Declaration

FEBRUARY - Join Thomas Jefferson, as portrayed by historical interpreter Bill Barker, as he takes you back to the turbulent times of America’s founding.

Plantation Archaeology Walking Tours

MARCH - NOVEMBER - Join Monticello staff for a 90-minute walking tour into the woodlands to explore how we use archaeology to better understand the plantation and the lives of those who lived and labored here. 

Summer Adventure Camps

JUNE and JULY - Calling all curious kids! Join us for a ton of fun this summer with history, science, games, puzzles, crafts, gadgets, and more!

Monticello Teacher Institute

JULY - This immersive professional development program provides social studies teachers the opportunity to research and study at Monticello and the Jefferson Library.

Home Educators' Day

SEPTEMBER 12 - Students of all ages can explore a variety of topics related to the landscape and the lives of those who resided at the Monticello plantation through a number of engaging indoor and outdoor hands-on activity stations. Date TBD.

Lafayette Returns

NOVEMBER 17 - Join us for a special celebration commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Marquis de Lafayette visiting Thomas Jefferson at Monticello in November of 1824.