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Growth Type Perennial
Hardiness Zones 3-9
Planting Conditions Full Sun
TJ Documented Plant Yes
In 1805 Lewis & Clark sent Jefferson specimens of this plant from Fort Mandan. They referred to it as 'Mad Dog Plant' in their packing list and stated that it is "highly prized by the natives as an efficacious remedy in the cases of the bite of the rattle snake or mad dog." Like its broad-leaved cousin, Purple Coneflower (E. purpurea), which was introduced into Europe by 1699, E. angustifolia is native to the Midwestern United States from Minnesota to Texas. The Latin name, echinos, meaning hedge-hog, refers to the bristly cone of disk florets in the center of the large composite flower.

Typical Blooming Dates: Late May - August
Color(s): Purple
Location at Monticello: West Lawn Flower Walk
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