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Unornamented Circular Card Table

Unornamented Circular Card Table. Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Inc.Artist/Maker: Unspecified

Created: after 1790

Origin/Purchase: Monticello Joinery

Materials: mahogany and mahogany veneer

Dimensions: 73.7 × 91.4 × 45.1 (29 × 36 × 17 3/5 in.)

Location: North Pavilion

Provenance: Thomas Jefferson; by purchase to Alexander Pollock at the Dispersal Sale in 1827; by descent to Miss Mary Frances Petty; by purchase to the Thomas Jefferson Foundation in 2007

Historical Notes: This plain card table in the Federal style was one of thirteen tea and card tables mentioned by Jefferson on his 1815 Memorandum of Taxable Property. The simplicity of the unornamented design suggests that it might have been made in the Monticello joinery, possibly modeled after the more elaborate card tables acquired in Philadelphia or Baltimore. The table has four straight, slightly tapering legs. The right rear leg is a fly leg and supports the hinged, unlined top when it is opened.

- Text from Stein, Worlds, 285

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