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Film and Exhibitions

At the David M. Rubenstein Visitor Center and Smith Education Center

Introductory Film

Thomas Jefferson's World, Monticello's visually rich introductory film, describes Monticello's central importance to Jefferson's life and work and will emphasize Jefferson's consequential accomplishments and his core ideas about human liberty—the world-changing ideas—that reach from his place and time in history to the present day.  Airs continually throughout the day, year round.



    Panel for "Forge and Quarters" at the recreated "Storehouse for Iron" on Mulberry RowLandscape of Slavery: Mulberry Row at Monticello tells the stories of the dynamic, industrial hub of Jefferson’s 5,000-acre agricultural enterprise and a center of work and domestic life for dozens of people -- free whites, free blacks, servants, and enslaved people. The exhibition features thirteen site-based panels with interpretive text, images of historical text, and recreations of artifacts excavated by Monticello's archaeologists.  The exhibition can be self guided or experienced in conjunction with our Slavery at Monticello Tours or our new app, Slavery at Monticello: Work and Life on Mulberry Row.

    Boisterous Sea of Liberty exhibition

    Thomas Jefferson and the Boisterous 'Sea of Liberty' illustrates the development and ongoing influence of Jefferson's core ideas about liberty on a wall of 21 flat-panel LCD screens, including seven interactive touch screens. 

    Monticello as Experiment: 'To Try All Things' explores Jefferson's use of Monticello as a laboratory for his belief that "useful knowledge" could make life more efficient and convenient and lead to the progress of the nation.

    Making Monticello: Jefferson's 'Essay in Architecture' showcases the architectural origins, construction, and four-decade evolution of the Monticello house, widely regarded as one of the icons of American architecture.

    The Words of Thomas Jefferson brings Jefferson's ideas to light through projection in an innovative display.

    Griffin Discovery Room

    Geared toward Monticello's younger visitors, the Griffin Discovery Room offers a variety of hands-on, interactive ways for young people to connect with Thomas Jefferson and the members of the larger Monticello community.



    At the House

    Domestic work in the Monticello house is the focus of "Crossroads," a new exhibition installed in the house's central cellar, adjacent to the Wine Cellar and directly beneath the Entrance Hall. Life-sized figures, archaeologically recovered objects, and interactive models of the wine dumbwaiter, "servant's" bell, and storehouse locks, give a sense of the constant interaction and activity required to keep Monticello running.

    Mountaintop Hands-on Activity Center
    Write with a quill pen; play 18th century games; and enjoy many more fun, family-oriented hands-on activities.

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