Anthony Giannini was a gardener and vigneron at Monticello from 1778 to 1782; he performed occasional specialized tasks until 1811. Giannini arrived from Italy as an indentured servant of Philip Mazzei and completed several years of bound labor before going to work in Jefferson’s orchards and vineyards as a free man. Giannini may have lived with his family in a dwelling on Mulberry Row.  At the end of 1782, Giannini left Monticello, moving to land he purchased on Buck Island in Albemarle County. He continued to work for Jefferson, caring for the apple trees in the North Orchard and for the almonds, apricots, cherries, apples, and peaches in the South Orchard. He also planted “grape vines from Legaux” in the Southwest Vineyard in 1802; a year later, Jefferson paid him for “plants and trouble.” Giannini and his sons later sold corn, fodder, cows, and hogs to Jefferson.