Jefferson's Debt and His Career as A Shopper

Jefferson's Silver Askos, based on a Roman model
Herbert Sloan, a professor of early American history at Barnard College and author of Principle and Interest: Thomas Jefferson and the Problem of Debt on Jefferson's career as a 'shopper' and the extent to which his purchasing habits may have added to his debt.

(Originally presented at the ICJS on April 6, 2007. Added to Monticello Podcasts on June 1. Approx. 1.2 hours)

The Declaration of Independence: A Global History

Detail from the Declaration of Independence
Prize-winning historian and author, David Armitage, author of The Declaration Of Independence: A Global History places this most American of documents into international and global contexts, from 1776 to the present, to show its impact on the shaping of our modern world.

(Originally presented on March 22, 2007, as part of the Virginia Festival of the Book. Added to Monticello Podcasts on April 11. Approx. 1 hour)

Jefferson and a Populist Approach to Intellectual Property Rights

Detail from Eli
Whitney's patent
for the cotton gin;
ourtesy NARA.
As a member of the first patent board under the U.S. Constitution with a reputation for invention, Thomas Jefferson's shadow looms large over the debate over intellectual property. Jeffrey Matsuura, a lawyer, author, and former professor at the University of Dayton Law School, provides an engaging and accessible examination of Jefferson’s views on intellectual property rights and their relationship to creative expression, scientific inquiry, education, invention, and innovation.

(Originally presented on June 29, 2006, as part of the ICJS's ongoing Fellows Forum series. Added to Monticello Podcasts on December 7, 2006. Approx. 1 hour)
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