Please join the Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies as we investigate the many ways Fiske and Marie Kimball shaped our experience and understanding of art and architecture in the 20th century. From his pioneering publication Thomas Jefferson, Architect in 1916 through his thirty-year connection with Monticello and position as director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Fiske Kimball remained a powerful and influential voice in the arts. Dubbed “the dean of American architectural history,” his scholarship established the rich legacy of the past while his criticism and involvement with public monuments guided design in the present. As a preservationist, he played a critical role at Monticello, Colonial Williamsburg, Fairmount Park, and numerous other historic sites; as the director of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (1925-55), he not only built the collection but also determined the display of the objects. Marie Kimball, also a historian and prolific writer, published widely and is most well known for her multi-volume biography of Thomas Jefferson; her publication Thomas Jefferson’s Cookbook (1941) provided updated recipes for modern audiences; and as the first curator of Monticello she had a seminal role in the display and interpretation of its objects. Each of the speakers in this conference will share with us a different facet of the contributions made by this “power couple” of the early twentieth century. 

(Photo credit: Fiske Kimball Papers, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Library and Archives.)

This program is made possible by the Fiske and Marie Kimball/Monticello Fund, generously provided by the Trustees of the Jane Tarleton Smith Moore estate


Marie Frank, Conference Organizer

Associate Professor of Art and Architectural History, University of Massachusetts -- Lowell

Susan Stein

Richard Gilder Senior Curator, Special Projects, Thomas Jefferson Foundation

Richard Guy Wilson

Commonwealth Professor's Chair in Architectural History at the University of Virginia


Danielle S. Willkens

Assistant Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology's School of Architecture

John Vick

Collections Project Manager, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Carl Lounsbury

Emeritus Senior Architectural Historian, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

John Sprinkle, Jr.

Bureau Historian, National Park Service

Gardiner Hallock

Vice President for Architecture, Collections, and Facilities, Thomas Jefferson Foundation

Susan Kern

Executive Director of the Historic Campus and Adjunct Associate Professor of History, the College of William & Mary

Ann Lucas

Senior Historian, the Robert H. Smith International Center for Jefferson Studies at Monticello

Special Presentation

Diane Ehrenpreis

Join Monticello's Associate Curator of Decorative Arts, Diane Ehrenpreis, for a special virtual tour of Monticello!