Monticello was one of the first gardens where this shrub was grown. Thomas Jefferson sent seed of the Snowberry, brought back from the Lewis and Clark Expedition, to his nurseryman friend, Bernard McMahon. In 1812, McMahon sent Jefferson young plants, saying "This is a beautiful shrub brought by Captain Lewis from the River Columbia; the flower is small but neat, the berries hand in large clusters and are of a snow-white colour, and continue on the shrub, retaining their beauty all the winter, especially if kept in a greenhouse . . . I have given it the trivial english name of Snowberry-bush." 

Snowberry became a popular garden novelty in England after seed was first exported in 1817. The tiny pink blossoms form in late spring and are followed by the large white berries that are especially striking after the leaves drop.

Typical Blooming Dates: July - August
Growth Type: Woody Shrub
Blossom Color(s): Pink, White
Hardiness Zones: 4 - 7
Location at Monticello: West Lawn Oval Bed
Planting Conditions: Sun and Part Shade