Monticello Livestreams

Families and students! Join us every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for our weekly livestreams. We feature a special topic each week with regular appearances by Thomas Jefferson (as portrayed by veteran interpreter Bill Barker) and some of our favorite stories and activities about Thomas Jefferson and Monticello. Watch our livestreams here.

While Monticello is closed to the public and children are home from school, here are some activities to support children’s learning at home. After all, Jefferson said ‘Knowledge is power . . . knowledge is safety . . . knowledge is happiness.’

For Young Learners

Live Virtual Tours for Families

From Mastodon bones to hidden beds, history will come alive for your kids as our guides share inspiring stories of our nation’s founding and of the people, both free and enslaved, who lived on this working plantation.

Build Your Own House

Jefferson designed his two houses for himself. Now you can be an architect too!

Architecture is My Delight

Thomas Jefferson said that "Architecture is my delight, and putting up and pulling down, one of my favorite amusements." Find out more about his love of architecture in our 'Day in the Life of Thomas Jefferson' feature.

Crack the Code

Use Thomas Jefferson's secret method for coding and decoding messages. (Requires a set of Monticello Secret Decoder Wheels)

Gifts for Kids

From books to toys to games, we have a wide array of educational and entertaining for kids in our online shop.

For Older Learners

Math, Science, Columns!

A cross-subject lesson plan for high school students using architecture, trigonometry, and environmental science.