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For Teachers

Monticello Classroom
An online resource for upper elementary and middle school students with short bios and reports, images, activities and lesson plans.

School Fieldtrips
Learn how your students can experience history firsthand.

Electronic Fieldtrips
If you can't bring your class to Monticello, we'll bring it to you!

Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia
Hundreds of Jefferson-related articles for a high-school level and above.

Jefferson Documents and Quotes
A guide to some excellent online collections of his writings and manuscripts.

Lewis and Clark Study Resource
A collection of essays, activities, and background information created by Monticello staff for the 200th anniversary of the Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Jefferson and Hamilton - Resources Related to the Musical
Links profiles, quotes, and videos on related to Hamilton: An American Musical

Exploring Monticello: A Guide for Young Learners (PDF format)
See Monticello through the eyes of Jefferson's granddaughter Cornelia. 

More Classroom Resources


I toured Monticello with my third grade class last week. Our tour was AMAZING! She engaged my students, and I believe they truly appreciated Monticello as an important American landmark because of her attitude, excitement, and knowledge. Thank you for a wonderful learning opportunity!

Kim, a teacher in Virginia


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