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The Hamilton-Jefferson Compromises

Hamilton vs Jefferson

Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson played instrumental roles in the creation of America, yet had completely different visions for the future of the country. While a lot of attention is given to their disagreements, an object found at Monticello today might point to a deeper level of respect between the two.

The Room Where It Happens

The Hamilton musical has helped popularize early American history, and one of the most famous numbers from the musical details a compromise between Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton. In this episode of Mountaintop History, Monticello Guide Kyle Chattleton talks about "The Room Where It Happens" and the "Compromise of 1790."

The Contentious Election of 1800

History remembers the Election of 1800, which pitted John Adams against Thomas Jefferson, as a bitterly contested affair. Historian Edward Larson shares the story of this unprecedented campaign, the surprising results that nearly tore our young nation apart, and the behind-the-scenes maneuvering that ultimately led to the first peaceful transfer of power in American history.