Media Contact: Mia Magruder Dammann

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA—This month, Monticello is a debuting a new tour starring Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson’s greatest political foe. The Hamilton Tour Takeover is a 60-minute participatory tour of Monticello that explores the dueling visions of Jefferson and Hamilton.

In this evening experience, guests will have a chance to share their love of Hamilton: An American Musical with other super fans, grapple with the same ideas that fractured our founding generation and consider the modern-day legacies of the debate between these two founders. Participants will explore the history of the epic cabinet battles of George Washington’s first administration, learn about the scandals both men faced and discover objects connected to lyrics from the hit Broadway musical.

“Hamilton has devoted fans even here at Jefferson’s home,” Steve Light, Manager of House Tours, said. “On this new tour, guests can engage with the debates that began with Jefferson and Hamilton and continue to impact America today.”

The tour will be offered select Fridays and Saturdays in March, April, May and September at 5:30 pm and 5:45 pm. Tickets are $40 per person.

About The Thomas Jefferson Foundation at Monticello

The Thomas Jefferson Foundation was incorporated in 1923 to preserve Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Today, the foundation seeks to engage a national and global audience in a dialogue with Jefferson’s ideas. Monticello is recognized as a National Historic Landmark and a United Nations World Heritage Site. As a private, nonprofit organization, the foundation’s regular operating budget does not receive ongoing government support to fund its twofold mission of preservation and education. About 440,000 people visit Monticello each year. For information, visit